Celebrity Trends: Fire & Ice at the 2014 Grammy’s

In the wake of the 2014 Grammy’s, we figured we’d ask our expert, Dr. Connors, “Which celebrities were hot and which were not?”  “What are celebrities doing to keep themselves looking youthful and what should some of them be doing differently?”

Madonna:  The Queen of Pop has maintained her beauty and physique since the early 80s with her professed devotion to exercise, yoga and a healthy lifestyle.  However, over the past decade, many people have opined that Madonna may have undergone facial surgery, including a facelift, cheeklift and eyelid lift.  Most recently, at the 2014 Grammiy’s it appears this 55 year-old diva has possibly supplemented her surgical procedures with the use of such Injectable fillers as, Sculptra Aesthetic, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Voluma.  While she looks good, there are a few things that Plastic Surgery experts, such as Dr. Connors, would have done differently.  First, Madonna’s mid-cheek and jawline are slightly overfilled.  As a result, her jawline has lost some if its definition.  Likewise, the beautiful round apples of her upper cheeks (which is characteristic of youthfulness) have become one with her midcheek, which can make the face look bloated.

While it appears that Madonna may have undergone a blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, to enhance the ideal almond shape of the eyes, she could possibly benefit from a lower eyelid lift to help treat the puffy bags under her eyes.  When choosing a surgeon for an eyelid lift, it is extremely important that you consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who maintains the natural shape of the eyes without creating the “pinched” look that we so often see.

So what about Madonna’s skin?  The greyness of Madonna’s skin-tone is characteristic of an aggressive hydroquinone regimen, such as the Obagi skin lightening system.  Dr. Connors prefers a more simplistic skincare treatment plan of Refissa, TNS Essential Serum, and TNS Ceramide Cream to keep his patients’ skin looking vibrant and youthful without any grey tones.  Madonna’s natural long eyelashes could be the result of her make-up artist however we’ve seen similar results from our patients using Latisse to grow longer, darker eyelashes.

Overall Rating: B+

Sarah Hyland:  While this 23 year-old actress may have been criticized for her choice of attire at the 2014 Grammy’s, it is nearly impossible to say anything negative about her nearly perfect face.  Sarah exudes the youthfulness of most actresses her age, but exhibits many characteristics of the ideal facial structure that people strive to attain through plastic surgery.  First and foremost, the oval shape of her face is doll like and symmetrical.  She has a petite chin with an angle of protrusion that perfectly complements her soft, yet defined, jawline.  Her large eyes have a beautiful almond shape and her lips are full, yet not overdone.  Sarahs’ mid face is ever so slightly hollowed beneath the apples of her cheeks which keeps her face looking pleasant and youthful.  The tip of Sarah’s nose could be sculpted to create a narrower and more feminine look; however, her nose nevertheless works on her face.

Overall Rating:  A+

Miranda Lambert:  Miranda Lambert made the cover of a number of e-news sites this year for her fresh look and stunning slender physique.  At 30 years old, this beautiful blonde falls between the ages of Madonna and Sarah Hyland.  So what makes her look good and what would make her look better?  Miranda has the same youthful jawline and rounded face as Sarah.  Also like Sarah, the apples of Miranda’s cheeks are juxtaposed nicely with the ever so slightly hollowed mid cheek.  By slightly raising her eyebrows, Miranda would see an improved facial aesthetic.  In the most recent pictures, the positioning of Miranda’s eyebrows could be the result of either genetics or improper Botox administration.  Physicians who are not as experienced in performing injectables may use a poor technique that causes the brows to flatten and droop, resulting in the heavy brow look that Miranda exhibits.  When researching a physician to administer your Botox or other wrinkle reduction injectable products, always make sure your physician is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and designated an “Expert Injector”.  If Miranda’s brow position and shape is a result of genetics, then a brow lift surgery would counteract the heavy appearance of her upper face and provide her with a fresher, more youthful look.  Finally, given that Miranda is in her 30s, you can see some of the fine lines and wrinkles in her forehead that start to become apparent for patients in her age group.  These lines can be easily resolved with a simple two-step process:  (1) routine Botox, Xeomin or Dysport injections and (2) a regimen of Refissa.

Overall Rating:  A-

Announcing the newest, longer acting volumizer for facial contouring – Juvederm Voluma

We are excited to announce the incorporation of the newest FDA approved dermal filler – Juvederm Voluma.  Voluma is an injectable hyaluronic acid volumizer that helps to lift the face by replenishing lost volume.  Voluma restores the youthful curves of the cheeks and the definition of the jawline in order to enhance the overall shape of your face.

Unlike some products whose results take time to develop, Voluma is unique because just shortly after your treatment, you should notice fuller, rounder facial contours and a softer more youthful face.  The lifting effects of Voluma are indicated to last up to 24 months.  For these reasons, Voluma is slightly more costly than other soft tissue volumizers – at a cost of $850 per syringe.  Dr. Connors typically injects patients with anywhere from two to four syringes of Voluma per treatment session.

Voluma Special
Valid February 01, 2014 through April 30, 2014
1 Syringe – $850
2 Syringes – $1600
3 Syringes – $2250
4 Syringes – $2800

Get Toned, Trim and Tight for Summer 2014

There is no better time than now to get your body ready for those summer swimsuits.  Dr. Connors is excited to offer his male and female patients the latest technology in laser liposuction to achieve optimal results.  Using the advanced SmartLipo Triplex, which combines three high definition lasers to tighten tissues, Dr. Connors can etch and sculpt areas of the body such as the abdomen, creating that coveted six pack look we all strive for.  In addition, liposuction can effectively tone and target nearly every body part including: legs, hips, back and arms as well as the neck, chin and face.

At our practice, Dr. Connors will perform your liposuction procedure in his AAAASF Accredited Surgical Suite located in the privacy of his exclusive office.  After years of research and experience, Dr. Connors has found that by performing these procedures under local anesthesia, he can provide patients with a fast and easy recovery.

In addition to treating his female patients, Dr. Connors has one of the busiest plastic surgery practices catering to the cosmetic needs of men.  Dr. Connors uses liposuction to sculpt the typical male problem areas including the abdomen, love handles and chin and neck.  He also regularly performs liposuction to remove unwanted breast tissue in men, i.e. gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery.

According to Dr. Connors, the results of liposuction start to become apparent at approximately 3 months post-surgery.  That means that if you want to get bathing suit ready by the end of May, you should be planning your liposuction surgery today!  There are a few things that you can do to enhance your results and speed your recovery.

  • First, maintain a high-protein diet after surgery.  
  • Second, supplement your diet with Vitamin C to assist healing.  
  • Third, follow Dr. Connors instructions on early post-surgery activity to minimize swelling.  
  • And fourth, wear your surgical compression garment for two weeks followed by Spanx or other athletic compression gear for additional weeks as instructed by Dr. Connors.

To schedule your liposuction consultation with Dr. Connors, please call our office at (404) 348-4456 and speak to Tammy, our Patient Coordinator.  She is available to answer questions, discuss pricing (including financing options) and review availability on Dr. Connors’ surgical schedule.

Protect Your Skin This Winter

Although you are most likely dusting off your winter coat this time of year, it is important to keep your skin healthy even when you aren’t showing it off. Maintaining optimum skin health can help you look younger and keep you out of our offices for longer. Although we love helping our patients look younger with a variety of minimally invasive and surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, we also want each and every one of you to maintain youthful, radiant skin for as long as possible. With that mind, please find the following helpful tips for youthful skin this winter.

  • Wear sunscreen, even when it’s overcast. The sun’s rays are out there, even on the rainiest days. And, although you might be covered up, your face can still get sun damaged. Everyone knows what a toll UV rays can take on your skin; don’t let it prematurely age you.
  • Start sleeping on your back. You may not be aware, but your pillow can actually cause the development of wrinkles. Creases in your facial skin, over time, can become permanent fine lines. The pressure on your face that comes from sleeping on your side or stomach has an effect similar to furrowing your brows. To see if you’re developing “sleep wrinkles,” simply apply pressure on the side of your face you generally sleep on. If you notice folds in your skin where fine lines are already appearing, the culprit may be your pillow.
  • Treat your skin to some moisturizing products. In addition to the many fine products available at the store, we carry a variety of state-of-the-art skincare products.

With proper maintenance and care, your skin can look young and refreshed for years to come. And if you need a little help, our doors are always open, rain or shine.

Adam Levine: Why He Was Named Sexiest Man Alive

In a follow-up to our last post, we take a look at People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2013, Adam Levine. Like Scarlett Johansson, Adam Levine has several qualities that exemplify concepts that many people of both sexes covet and adore. But unlike Ms. Johansson, his looks are distinctly appealing today. If you compare him to the last three awardees – Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, and Ryan Reynolds – you’ll notice that he only fits the trend in regards to being lean. And while comparisons between Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe are easy, it’s difficult to compare any of these men to a Cary Grant or Gregory Peck. So what is it that makes Adam Levine so appealing?

1. A Man’s Body

While many women say that a man’s looks are way down the list of important factors when choosing a mate, a man’s body goes a long way in how he is perceived. The truth is, there’s something attractive about a man who clearly takes care of his body. Adam Levine is fit, very fit. He credits his lean, toned frame to spin classes and yoga. These practices show that he is healthy and has, as he says, stamina. For many men, achieving a frame as lithe as his can be nearly impossible. That’s why so many men come to us seeking SmartLipo to lose that last bit of stubborn fat that just won’t respond to diet and exercise. It won’t always make you look chiseled, but it’s worth noting that the current Sexiest Man Alive is no Ryan Reynolds either.

2. Confidence

On the cover of People, Adam Levine is described as “Cool, Confident, [and] Seductive.” Obviously, these qualities come from within. We’ve all met good looking people with low self-esteem and poor body image. The good news is that studies continue to show that people who undergo plastic surgery tend to benefit from a boost to their confidence. It’s not all that surprising: if you are unhappy with an aspect of your appearance and you get it corrected, you have one less thing to be self-conscious about. And when you have a lean yet muscular frame like Adam Levine, it’s that much easier to exude confidence.

3. Facial Balance

Adam Levine has many of the features considered more attractive on the male face. The lean lines of his body are complemented by his facial features. His face has sharper features, including a defined jaw line and cheeks. This is one area where men have little control. After all, no amount of exercise or beauty products can change your bone structure. Men who do want these sharper or more prominent features do have surgical options, however. Chin and cheek implants are more natural-looking and easy to place than ever before, making this kind of surgery an extremely viable option.

4. Summary

Physical fitness and well-defined features are two of the biggest factors that affect conceptions of male beauty. They can show strength, but they also speak to how well a man takes care of himself and, by proxy, others. Of course, being cool and confident seems to be more important than any of these factors. So if something makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin, it’s probably not a bad thing to do it.

Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe: What Makes A Woman Sexy?


[Photo Credit: NY Daily News , Cerdomus]

This month Scarlett Johansson was named the “Sexist Woman Alive” by Esquire Magazine for the second time.  The Esquire spread shows the actress posed in casual positions that make her beauty seem simple, effortless, and most of all – natural.   She exudes the qualities that so many women covet and so many men adore.  Interestingly, when looking at her silhouette, I notice an uncanny resemblance to another American beauty icon – Marilyn Monroe.  Both Scarlett and Marilyn represent undeniable, timeless beauty.  So what is it that really makes this 28-year old actress (and Marliyn) so beautiful?  Here is what I think:

1. What Makes A Beautiful Facial Structure?

Scarlett, like Marilyn, has a very symmetrical face.   My training as a Harvard Plastic Surgery Resident at Boston Children’s Hospital made me keenly aware of the subtle craniofacial deformities that so many American’s suffer from.  These deformities have skyrocketed as a result of the trend to have babies sleep on their backs.  If a child’s head is not sufficiently rotated from side to side, then the back of the head can become flattened thereby shifting the alignment of the face making it uneven.  It occurred to me that the “easy” babies are the ones who tend to suffer from this asymmetry because they are content to quietly lie in their cribs.  I joke that my three boys have perfectly round heads because they were so colicky and always had to be held.  So symmetry of the face (even eyes, ears and cheeks) is a very important characteristic when evaluating the beauty of the face.

Scarlett and Marilyn also share an oval facial shape comprised of subtle curves and a soft shape.  Unlike an overly defined, boxy, or bony face, the oval facial structure is time and again associated with undeniable beauty (take Kim Kardashian as another example).  As men and women age, the rounded shape of the face becomes tainted by muscle loss and gravity.  The jawline loses its definition as the jowls migrate and sag.  Likewise, the temples begin to hollow giving the face a “figure eight” shape rather than an elongated zero.

The solution to this problem is simple:  I inject facial fillers for both male and female patients (such as Sculptra Aesthetic®, Radiesse®, Perlane® and Juvederm®) into the jawline and temples to help restore the natural curves and the youthful “zero” shape to the face.  These Dermal Fillers are also a perfect remedy to restore volume in the cheeks.  However, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that fillers are injected by an Expert Injector™ who is educated about the correct proportions of the face.  I see so many women whose cheeks are over injected making them look unnatural, alien-like and certainly not characteristic of an American beauty icon.  Always be sure to have your injections performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (and not a cosmetic surgeon as their training is not supervised by the American Board of Medical Specialties are they are not required to undergo same rigorous training and years of written and oral examinations as Plastic Surgeons).

2. What Makes Beautiful Eyes?

What do Scarlett’s and Marilyn’s eyes have in common?  They are almond shaped eyes perfectly framed with long eyebrows.  As we age, our eyes become more rounded as a result of a number of different forces:  the corners of the eyes descend with gravity, the skin of the upper eyelids droops over the eyelashes, and the skin of the lower eyelids drops causing bags.  The hollowing of the interior corners of the eyes further increase facial shadows that distract from the youthful almond shape of the eyes.   For my patients whose eyes begin to show these signs of aging, I recommend an upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty or combined upper and lower blepharoplasties.  I perform upper blepharoplasties under local anesthesia in my certified surgery center which provides patients with minimal downtime.  Lower blepharoplasties must be performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center.  Both surgeries can provide somewhat easy solutions to regaining a youthful face.  One of the mistakes that some facial plastic surgeons make is pinching the outer corners of the eyelids during surgery (Kenny Rogers for example).  This closes the rounds the shape of the eyes thereby severing the coveted, youthful almond shape.

3. What Makes a Beautiful Nose?

As a Rhinoplasty Surgery Specialist, noses are one of my favorite parts of the body.  When analyzing Scarlett’s and Marilyn’s noses, I notice that they are extremely similar in that they both have soft nasal lines – there is nothing harsh or jagged about their noses.  Despite their similarities, I prefer the slightly more feminine tip shape of Scarlett’s nose to Marilyn’s, whose tip is still somewhat bulbous (despite having undergone rhinoplasty surgery).  Rhinoplasty surgery should enhance the soft lines of the face.  One of the mistakes that many plastic surgeons make is that they over-define the nose thereby making the nasal lines overly harsh and unnatural.  When choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your Rhinoplasty Procedure, it is important to determine that you both share the same aesthetic goals.  I use Vectra 3D imaging for my patients so that together my patient and I can sculpt the desired surgical result.

4. What Makes Beautiful Lips?

The proportion between the upper and lower lips is huge factor in determining whether a woman’s lips are beautiful.  As we age, our lips lose volume and become thinner.  Generally speaking, the upper lip should be 2/3rds the size of the bottom lip.  For ultra-sexy lips, some women prefer upper and lower lips that are nearly symmetrical in voluptuousness.  That being said, the upper lip should never be larger than the lower lip or else you risk looking over-done and even malformed.  I restore the youthful appearance of the lips for many of my patients with Dermal Filler Injections (Radiesse®, Perlane® and Juvederm®).   I use a topical anesthetic as well as an injectable pain block to make the procedure more comfortable for my patients.  For many of my older patients, I inject Dermal Filler into their lips (as well as the small lines around their lips) to restore the volume lost as a result of age.  For some of my younger patients, I create an upper/lower lip proportion using filler that procures the voluptuousness of Scarlett’s and Marilyn’s lips.

5. What Makes a Beautiful Breast and Body?

The soft subtle contour of Scarlett’s and Marilyn’s faces is the same characteristic that makes their bodies undeniably beautiful.  Neither actress is overly thin or bony.  Like Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett’s breasts are natural, yet voluptuous and the curves of her body mimic the theme.  As a plastic surgeon, I recommend breast implants that are proportionate to the patient’s body frame as a means help restore the natural feminine curves that are often depleted with pregnancy.  I also perform fat transfers to the buttocks as a way to help maintain the soft feminine curves of the body.

6. Summary

It is the soft lines of Scarlett’s and Marilyn’s faces and the natural curves of their bodies that make these starlets beauty icons.  Always remember to consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (not a cosmetic surgeon) when looking to enhance your appearance through Botox® and Dermal Fillers and cosmetic surgery.  Be sure that you and your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon share the same goals for Beautiful, Natural Results. 

John Cononors MD
Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“Test Your Breasts” with Dr. Connors’ 3D Vectra Imaging

One of the most popular procedures in my practice is Breast Augmentation.  I find that women of ALL ages are interested in enhancing their breasts for a number of different reasons.  Whether it be because you were born with small breasts or your breast shape changed after having children, you should rest assured that you are one of many women who look to plastic surgery to help you feel more confident with your breasts.


That being said, one of the perks of choosing me as your plastic surgeon is that you get to “Test Your Breasts” before surgery!  Many of my patients wonder what their breasts are going to look like after their breast augmentation surgery.  They want to know what are they going to look like?  How big will they be?  Will they be big enough?  Will they be too big?

At John Connors MD Plastic Surgery, you will get to dress up in the mirror and place special breast inserts under your clothes so that you can get an idea what your new implants will look like after surgery.  This is also a great way to get a sense of how the implants will feel.  But, even more exciting is getting a chance to see what your implants could look like on your own body after surgery!  By testing different size, shape and profile implants, the Vectra 3D imaging allows you and Dr. Connors to work together in making the best decision for your breast augmentation procedure.

Vectra 3D Imaging is a highly advanced imaging solution that shows patients, such as yourself, what the outcome would be like following a breast implant procedure. Dr. Connors also uses the Vectra system to record precise measurements and set clear expectations of what his patients are looking to achieve. The Vectra system allows you to see three dimensional simulations of actual surgical outcomes in many different views.

The Benefits of Vectra 3D Imaging:

Aside from the ability to view the potential surgical results prior to surgery, the 3D Vectra Imaging benefits Dr. Connors and his patients for a number of additional reasons, including:

  1. Increasing patient confidence in the procedure
  2. Enhancing patient participation in the surgical process
  3. Allowing patients to have realistic expectations of their surgical outcomes
  4. Assisting the surgeon with capturing precise and accurate patient body measurements
  5. Providing for enhanced planning between the surgeon and his patients

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a patient’s choice of implant size can, at times, be too large and make the body look un-proportional after breast augmentation. I find that most of my patients tend to lean towards larger implants, and they may not achieve the results they were looking for.  However, with Vectra 3D this will show patients virtual images about what the final result will be like. Dr. Connors suggests a maximum size that is suitable for the patient without making drastic size selections that the patient cannot handle.

If you would like to learn more about Vectra 3D breast imaging with Dr. Connors, please call his office at 404.348.4456 and request a consultation.  Together with Dr. Connors you can get a preview of your new breasts and get ready to enjoy your new breasts!

The Connors’ Liquid facelift: The simple way to a more youthful face

In my Practice, every day I meet women, and men for that matter, of all ages are looking for a simple way to look and feel refreshed. I find that these patients, even in their mid-thirties through their late 70s, are losing volume in their faces. Loss of volume, similar to a deflated balloon, contributes to sagging of the facial skin tissues and is the most common reason for the early signs of aging. As a result, these patients are looking for procedures that allow them to keep the same expressions and naturally look younger, while having the minimum amount of “plastic” work done. For these patients, I recommend the liquid facelift (or non-surgical facelift) because it provides a refreshed look without having to go through major surgery.

When I perform a liquid facelift on my patients, I use a combination of Neurotoxins (Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport) and Dermal Filler injections (such as Juvederm, Belotero and Restylane) as well as Facial Volumizing Injections (such as Radiesse and Sculptra), which I custom tailor to the specific needs of each individual patient. These wonderful products can be mixed and matched not unlike an artist mixing paint on her palette board and the combinations are endless and afford me the ability to truly “paint” a uniquely natural result for each patient. The specific area of the face needing volume will determine which dermal filler I choose to use, and each individual patient presents with individual requirements. This makes a detailed, extensive physical examination both with the patient at rest as well as with animation (smiling and laughing as well as conversing) paramount to achieving the most natural results. My liquid facelift procedure focuses on eliminating wrinkles (usually in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the crow’s feet) while also restoring facial fullness and volume (in the cheeks, jawline, mouth lines and even the temples). Remarkably, by removing wrinkles and adding volume to the face, I have seen tremendous improvement in the quality and thickness of each patient’s skin, a beautiful bonus surprise for my patients. Named an Expert Injector by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, I also use advanced injection techniques to rejuvenate the neck (by decreasing the appearance of neck bands) and fill in the hollows around the lips and mouth. This versatility and potential for creativity make the liquid facelift one of favorite procedures with results lasting for years!

As a Harvard-trained, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I understand the delicate interactions between the muscles, suspensory ligaments and nerves of the entire face. With ten years of surgical training at world renowned medical institutions and over 18 years of surgical experience, I have developed a specific eye for a natural aesthetic beauty of the face as well as the mechanical inter-workings of the face. Since state law permits any doctor who has graduated from medical school to inject Botox and Dermal Fillers regardless of whether they received any training, I see patients who look unnatural and overdone. Patients therefore seek me out for my expertise in helping them achieve beautiful, natural, and sophisticated results.
Benefits of a Connors’ Liquid Facelift

My male and female patients see many advantages from the liquid facelift procedure, including:

● Treatment of dark circles under the eyes by restoring volume
● Lifting of the eyelids
● Diminishing of the jowls
● Restoration of volume to hollowed temples
● Lifting and softening of facial features
● Reduction of wrinkles, crease lines or folds
● Volumization of shape in the cheeks
● Lifting of the corners of the mouth
● Volumization of the lips
● Filling in bumps and irregularities of the nose
● Smoothing of the skin

Am I a good candidate?

Any patient, male or female, who looks in the mirror and feels that s/he looks tired and in need of rejuvenation without the downtime of surgery, is an ideal candidate for Dr. Connors’ liquid facelift techniques.

Contact us or call one of our Patient Coordinators at (404) 348–4456 to request your complimentary consultation with Dr. John Connors.